Gintama 725 just went to "Rule 36"!

I don't know, man...
i mean, it was all great at first, come on, who does not love Gintama, yeah but now episode 724&725, it just full with shit on shit hole...again, like any other episode before this one...Gin is silver ,so, it was not always golden. That would suggested, that even the king of the hill has it downside.

So, what i love about this episode is they went to "Rule 63", it just amazing to see how moe, kawai and cute Gin-chan in his female form.

I mean look at her, she has white curly hair and has cute voice while wearing high school uniform.
Its all great until this has to be...huh...well done script writer...trowing this female in heat again...

If you like her or don't care much, it mean you don't skip them but i did, i keep skipping them until this one pop up!

She is a beauty, she has long hair and blonde, has good figure and more sexier then Otae-san. I mean literary defeated her by pissing her off for simply she is more beautiful and has better figure than her.

If you still does not figure it out yet, yes this is Kondo-san!

Of course, while i appreciate her existence, which i say; 5 list in bucketful of Gintama, one of them is "women that I'm okay with", then, this jelly woman came again...

and now you know why i don't like her....

also, look at her hateful and scorn face towards other women...jeez, at this point i still wonder why she still does not get married yet...heh..don't say it was cuz was more rather she need Shinpachi....She is bored and need a man, i mean not a customer but more to potential candidate for her love life...
Guess what...that is what happen in this episode...

i don't know man...if either, i should see the next episode or not..

I mean today, i was expected to be entertain, it did, at first, then you know about my personal stuff or thing , whatever...i don't just for some reason...Otae-san is not my girl although she the beginning then knowing her...that is the type of girl i'm cool to hang out but i do love to avoid her.

Like always, I think she just should married or simply has her own life...stop with this being; I'm working at this "place" because I need to protect the dojo or i need to take care Shinpachi.

She should just said that she love the freedom she had after her father die also the power she gain from being One of The Diva's.

Hell, She is might one of the Villain in that Kabuchiko street.

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