Assassination Classroom 19&20


 he is here!!!!

 hold your horse girl

 i really pity him

 I would like to see her grown up spin off rather maybe we can make grown them as cameo on other anime.

 karma really scared the shit out of me

 Karma showtime

 like i said i really pity his opponet

 lmao Moment goes to him.

 err...Nagisa no pico

 see...i told you, anyone want to fight him has to prepared to die

and this guy want to be politician...hahaha..i pity his opponent

That guy in aloha shirt should have batman utility belt.

Wait.... you are saying there is two of them, is this foreshadowing for future upcoming character.

She is amazingly has awesome legs. Guest what, her name is Hinata...i think..?

 Yaoi material.

I'm still waiting for this epic anime!!!!

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