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Fansubbing group XLAWS Music Sekai (XMS for short) is looking for new members. Me, XLAWS is the only members in this fansub.

But, i can't do it alone!. If you have experience doing any fansubbing job such as, translation, timing, typesetting, editing, encoding, karaoke effect or whatever. Then, we could use you!. Right now, the plan is to just gather a bunch of talented individuals and continue on as a group.
  • To be translator, you need to be able to understand Japanese and English.

  • Fansubber should know how to use Aegisub, timing, typesetting, editing, also (Karaoke effect and encoding). If you don't know how to do karaoke effect is OK. But, I can teach you how to encode PV.

Rules Encode PV
  • Use MeGUI.
  • PV resources must be RAW. (Such as .ts/.vob/DVD ISO/.mpg/Blu-ray).
  • Must be encoded to .MKV Hi10P with audio AAC VBR ~320kbps. (If you don't know, I can teach you how).

Please leave a comment if you are interested! or you can contact me at FB XMS fanpage.

Even if you have zero interest in joining, you can still help us out by spreading the word by share this post via your FB, Tweeter, linking it on your blog, or something like that.

We'll look forward to your responses!


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