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Assalamualaikum, dan selamat sejahtera kepada pengunjung di XLAWS Knowledges. XLAWS pertama sekali ingin meminta maaf kerana sudah lama tidak update blog ini kerana XLAWS sekarang ini terlalu aktif untuk fansub XLAWS Music Sekai (Dunia Muzik XLAWS). Buat masa ini XLAWS ingin rehat dulu untuk blog ini. (Walaupun sudah lama rehat). Mungkin XLAWS lambat nak beritahu perkara ini. Tapi itulah sibuk sangat dengan fansub. Hahaha! 

Jikalau ada masa XLAWS akan update lagi blog ini. InsyaAllah. :)

Inilah minat XLAWS dan hobi yang tersendiri, memang terlalu sukakan dengan J-Rock | Visual-Kei | J-Pop sebab jauh lebih hebat. Tapi apa yang mengecewakan sekali kenapa Korea terlalu popular di Malaysia ini? uhhhh, gelinya tengok dorang, muka jambu, terutamanya lelaki. Ini luahan XLAWS. Mintak maaf kalau buat peminat Korea terbakar. PEACE!! :)

Fansub tu pun XLAWS sorang je yang usahakan, mungkin kalau korang ada kemahiran dan nak join fansub XLAWS ni pun ok juga. ada ke nak join nie??

Okki la, malas nak cerita panjang lagi, XLAWS minta maaf jika ada yang tidak puas hati dan jika kita mempunyai minat yang sama marilah memeriahkan lagi XLAWS Music Sekai. Korang juga boleh LIKE fanpage kami jika sukakan dengan fansub nie.


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Lagi Game Yang Menghina Islam!

Terima kasih kepada pemilik blogger kmfsc kerana sudi berkongsi mengenai games yang menghina Islam. Kali ini melibatkan games online yang bertajuk Sudden Attack, iaitu sebuah game FPS (First Person Shooter) dimana di sebuah map yang bernama Cross Counter dan Monkey Garden mempunyai unsur-unsur menghina Islam.

Ni tempat apa kawan-kawan? Bangunan apakah itu?

Red Team akan memijak 3 kitab/buku ini untuk menembak. Jika anda "Blue team", pihak lawan akan memijaknya untuk menembak anda.

 Tulisan yang tidak jelas, boleh mendatangkan syak

 Ya! Sememangnya perjalanan di sini amat pelik!

 Ini logo asal Freak Street di Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ini maklumat tentang Freak Street:
Freak Street acquired its name in the late 1960s/early 1970s when Kathmandu became a port (replacing the original word = Mecca) for hippies and flower people attracted by the idyllic almost traffic-free city and seemingly unlimited supplies of hashish. Cannabis or ganja, Shiva's favorite herb which grows virtually wild here, is used by sadhus as part of normal religious practice. Older male villagers also enjoy a smoke when getting together for a game or a chat. In this congenial climate the influx of drug-seeking foreigners stimulated a thriving trade. Cannabis sellers on the streets and cannabis biscuits in the restaurants were not unusual. More and more hotels appeared. Freak Street became the tourist center of Kathmandu, until eventually overtaken by Thamel with its superior facilities.

In 1973 King Birendra intervened to stem the tide by making the sale of cannabis illegal, and in 1976 its cultivation was banned. It can still be bought, especially in and around Freak Street and in Thamel, furtive whispers heralding offers of sale. But strictly enforced controls have largely halted the trade. Anyone acquiring or found in possession of the drug can usually expect a prison sentence. In exceptional circumstances they may get off with a very large fine.

Apakah tujuan mengaitkan kawasan ini sebagai Freak Street yang dulunya terkenal sebagai sarang dadah?

Eh! Macam iklan katil Dreamland je?
Err... boleh zoom dekat lagi?

Nah dah zoom! Jangan buat-buat tak nampak pulak.
London Strong: Adult Only? Kedai Sex Toys atau Rumah Pelacuran?

Ya benar ! Kawasan ini adalah kawasan penganut Islam. Rasanya takde orang yang tak mengaitkan bangunan berkubah itu sebenarnya masjid.

Adakah anda mahu bermain lagi di sini?
Kepada yang nak mengatakan tindakan banned ini bodoh, adakah anda tidak bodoh kerana "mempersendakan" agama semata-mata nak main sniper?

Ingat, jangan kerana hendak berhibur kita rela memijak dan memalukan agama kita sendiri.

Note: Game Online kebanyakannya mempunyai unsur-unsur negatif sebegini yang dilihat secara halus untuk meghakis akidah remaja & kanak-kanak Islam melalui hiburan Game Online!.

League Of Legends (LOL) Review

League of legends is a free-to-play real-time strategy MMO. Developed by members of the original game, Defence of the Ancients (DotA Allstars), is this game worthy of joining the legends? Or should it have remained in the ancients?

Even Hatsune Miku is in the League!

The story takes place in the land of Runeterra. Following the aftermath of the 3rd Rune War, natural disasters and mysteries of magic began to make life difficult. Realizing that a 4th Rune War would destroy the land, Runeterra’s most powerful summoners and magic magicians gathered together to create the League of Legends. This organization would regulate the use of magic over Runeterra as well as provide a “Field of Justice” where representing teams of the nations of Runeterra would settle disputes or conflicts.

Basically, just imagine that there was no United Nations, and after three nuclear wars, everyone realized that a 4th nuclear war would end all life on Earth, thus the United Nations was created.

The overall story and background of characters and overall lore of League of Legends is often anime cliché and ignorable, buuuut since the story is none-existent in the actual game itself and has no impact whatsoever; there shall be no score for this!

Shop screen where you ponder what to buy with what little money you have

First let’s talk about the main menu screen. Riot IS a business after all and so, unlike Dota, you won’t be able to play all 82 champions right after bat. Instead Riot goes through a champion rotation every week, selecting 10 champions from the roster for you to play and try out in games. If you want to play a champion outside of the free week, you’ll have to purchase the champion from the store (picture above) with Influence Points (IP) that you can earn in game, or spend real money to get Riot Points (RP). IP can be earned through playing games. The longer the games, the more points you earn. Wins net you more points and every 24h, your first win of the day earns you a bonus +150 IP, motivating you to play at least once a day. Simple right? Buying champions is not the only thing you can buy from the store with your hard earned IP. Runes can be bought and used in your rune pages to allow you to start out with a small advantage over others. In addition to runes, there are also mastery pages that can buff your abilities. You spend points in, offense, defence, or utility skill trees, each depending on how much you want to spend an emphasis on. You gain levels by playing games and each additional level grants you an extra point to spend in the mastery page with a level cap of 30, which enables you to play ranked games.

With this rune page, nobody can catch the me!

Although this is a good concept, the IP gains you get make you feel you are working at a sugar plantation. A 30 minute win can net you around 100 IP, but games lasting an hour only nets you about 130 IP while losses cuts those gains by 30%. This requires you to spend a heck lot of time playing games to rack up IP to buy the champion you want, and with most champion releases lately with an outrageous 6300 IP, it will be weeks before you save enough to buy the 6300 IP champions. By that time though (since Riot releases a new champion every two weeks), a new champion would be released. It’s like they’re testing your patience, constantly tempting you to stop wasting your time and shell $10 to buy that one champion you want. This is not helped by Riot’s sales and bundle that flash on your main menu and every time you enter the store. If this is not bad enough, runes can only be bought with IP and an average full complete rune page can cost up to 15k IP while the most expensive ones can cost up to 28k. Still not enough problems? You start out with 2 rune pages (three if you are fortunate to have an old account, not exactly sure how people got the third rune page free). Considering all the different roles in the game and champion play styles, you’ll often feel restricted unless you buy an extra rune page at the whopping price of 6300 IP or $10 worth of RP. Although League of Legends is a free game, these prices and rates are just ridiculous.

Its a giant enemy worm!!

So far, in League of Legends, the game offers two game modes with the new dominion mode on the map, Crystal Scar, recently released. The first is a 5 vs 5 mode, Summoner’s Rift. This resembles the classic Dota map with a jungle for each team to roam and gank, the river splitting both sides, buffs to be taken, all complete with a giant monster lurking near the river. There are some differences compared to the original though. The turret placement is completely symmetrical, so you won’t have turrets placed a bit more forward than on the other side of the map, all items have to be bought from your base shop, and there are no random buffs that can be picked up in the river. Got no complaints here, this is classic DOTA style and what the game is balanced off of. In an odd design choice though, you cannot see down cliffs into the river when you have the high ground. Is there any reason why you can’t? Other types of RTS games like Starcraft allow you to see from cliffs. Sure this makes it so players can snipe you if you don’t have vision requiring you to buy an extra ward and play more tactical, but this also makes it so you can defend your jungles easier from invaders. I’ am no pro, but coming from a Starcraft player, this still seems like an odd design choice. Next off is...

So awesome, even the ground broke

Twisted Treeline, which is a 3 vs 3 player map. This one is overall smaller with two lanes instead of three and connected jungles to compete in with a different variety of buffs compared to Summoner’s Rift. I am no pro on this map (because I got destroyed every time I play on this map), but the champions are NOT balanced for this map. It’s not uncommon to see champions like Dr. Mundo, Singed, and Tryndamere running around the map, doing as they please and 1v3 enemy teams successfully. I would recommend you stay away from this mode and sticking to the usual 5v5, unless you’re in a premade with friends and just feel like playing this mode.

If you are new, or just feel like you had a long frustrating day and feel like roflstomping, there is a Coop vs AI mode to help you with this. The amount of IP and XP you gain from this though is only 75% of what you would normally get though, so you won’t be IP farming off this and also real game experience is just overall better.

Additionally, there is a ranked ladder mode for lose wanting to play more competitively. The game is just like normal’s, but instead at the champion select screen, both teams choose a set of champion bans and you can see the opposing champion picks, encouraging you to counter-pick champions.

Score: 8/10

Get em Princess Aimo!

In a standard team, you have 5 main roles. A tank, support, carry, mage, and a jungler. Tanks soak up damage while protecting carries, support heals or buffs their team while providing map vision, carries are the main DPS, mages does the burst damage, and junglers roam around the map and gank (surprise rape) anybody that strays too far from their turret. Pick a champion, set up your masteries and runes, and in you go into the fields of justice.

Pew pew Caitlyn

If you are familiar with Dota, Heroes of Newerth, or other kinds of MOBA style games, then you should just skip this since it’s pretty much the same. Pick one of three lanes (top, middle, or bottom) that best complements you (top and mid are usually for people that love to roll in money, hates their teammates, or prefers to work alone). From there you kill the enemy minions to gain gold and XP to level up your character while harassing your enemy laners. Sorry Dota old-timers, but there is no more denying in this game because Riot thinks its anti-fun. Hate it or love it, now you can focus on farming gold. There is also no more need to buy a scroll of town portal...because it doesn’t exist anymore! Instead you can just press “b” (default) and after 8 seconds, you’ll be teleported back home.

Pretty spread out fight. We got the upper hand though

Level up and do some annoying poking, and when the opportunity arises, you jump them to rise over their body with a handful of money. Getting first blood nets you 400 gold from the usual 300, and enemies which are on killing sprees are worth more (which means you should stop feeding money to him and kill him first ASAP). Having problems because you can’t handle the action and pressure in your lane? Call your jungler for a gank. When suddenly....

Run troll, ruuuun!

You see the enemy jungler charging at you with a rape face on, or you were too busy staring at Sona’s cleavage and suddenly get jumped. With intimate doom upon you, you mouse your fingers of “D” and “F”, your last hope. With a press of one of these two buttons, you’re suddenly safe! How’d that happen? Well you may remember items like the blink dagger with its special active ability to blink to a nearby location. In LoL, you can select two out of the thirteen (five utility, two offensive, three defensive, two for trolling, and one for jungling) “Summoner Spells” during the champion select screen to use in the match. Although these spells cost no mana and are handy in helping you escape or net you kills; they have insanely high cool down, so use it wisely. Do not worry if you still die though. Just watch your team, buy your items and after a set amount of time depending on the length of the game, you will be alive and running through the woods.

Nobody likes the big bad wolf :'(

When mid game rolls along, it’d be time to start team fighting with some items you bought from the store. The store system is fairy straight forward; it’s a recipe system just like in Dota where simple items build into better one’s once they get mixed together. Compared to Dota, the recipe system is a huge improvement where you can easily see what you need and what you are building into, with more variety of items. Want your champion to do more damage? Build DPS items. Want them to live longer because you melt too fast? Simply build some defence. You can build your champion however you want, whenever you want. Win fights with these items, topple towers, blow up the Nexus and you win!

Score: 9/10

The world of Runeterra is not exactly a lively one. Trees look like they’ve been glued together making the scenery rather dead sometimes.

 Chibils is getting soiled on by Morgana

Riot does a good job keeping the character animations up to date, even updating the older champions with new animations. All 82 champions have their own notable personality and character with their own jokes, taunts, and dances included, further fleshing out the different play styles and differences between the many champions, all of whom are beautifully displayed with their own champion splash art and are wonderfully voiced by notable actors such as Wendee Lee, Laura Baily, and Danny Elfman (not official, just who they sound like according to members of the community).

The music however gets really repetitive. There is only like three tracks in the game(one track as you are actually playing) so often times, you won’t even notice the music is even there as you are playing since it’s nothing special or exciting. It won’t be long before you mute the music and substitute your own.

 Really awesome Blood Moon Akali Splash Art

Score: 7.5/10

Lasting Appeal
What makes you think you can stay playing LoL? Well there are 82 champions to collect, and unless you feel like spending over $500 on this game, there will be no shortage of work when you have all the champions especially when Riot releases a new champion every 2 weeks and runes to collect.

The community however is atrocious. Make no mistake, if you are doing bad, you WILL get called out by either teams and be bombarded with all sorts of insults and vulgarities. Don’t let this discourage you though! No one starts out pro and all you have to do is get better (which isn’t all that hard once you get the mechanics down, mostly just experience) and with the Tribunal however, there has been a great decrease of these kinds of players, but like trolls, that doesn’t mean they will stop.

Nothing new here, amusing read though xD

The Riot staffs have their own share of problems. Their logic is questionable at times. They would promise champion changes and fixes, forum avatars, observer mode and replay mode. For a game that has made its way into E-Sports, all these features seem like a necessity (especially the forum avatar, there’s no reason not to have this), but as each patch day rolls along; no sign of the changes is to be seen. Riot does keep in good touch with the community though, you can often find them lurking on the forums during working hours and make their own posts if the thread is amusing or epic enough and they DO listen to their player base (female tanks, IP champion reduction and such).However it takes at least a week for them to respond a customer support ticket and players are sometimes kept in the dark when there are problems with delayed updates or server failures. Speaking of server failures, it is not uncommon for servers to blow up all of a sudden and server problems can usually happens at least once a week. This is not including patch days. Patch days happens every time a new champion is released, but the server downtimes during these days are ridiculously long and queue times to log in can last over 20 minutes. During these days, don’t expect to play until late afternoon.

Like it or not though...this game is still addicting if you get into it since the constant release of champions along with the newly released dominion mode will keep things fresh.

A bad ass Blood Moon Shen Splash art

Closing Comments
Overall, despite its ridiculous IP rates and bad community, League of Legends is still an enjoyable competitive game with plenty of fun if you are willing to overlook those flaws. It’s basically a simplified version of Dota, aiming to put more fun into the game with its no-denying and built in blinks. If you loved denying and just can’t bear to lose it, then perhaps League of Legends is not for you and you should take a look at Heroes of Newerth instead, otherwise, with the recent end of Season 1 and the newly added dominion mode, the League could always use new recruits and you will have no problem finding a spot in among the legends.

So awesome, there's more ground breaking, bear/cupcake trap, pillar of filth rising action. You got everything in this game!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Does this pique your interest? Why not join the League and play now? Sign up here:

General Wukong, of the Journey to the West!

All About Premium!

Selamat sejahtera kepada semua kaki download!. Memang bertuah la korang kalau korang baca post yang istimewa ni. Ini merupakan koleksi peribadi XLAWS. Terdapat pelbagai tempat-tempat untuk korang dapatkan Premium Account seperti MU/HF/FS/FSo/WU dan macam-macam lagi.

Premium Account

Yang ni pula cookies checker v6.2: http://www.mediafire.com/?z67535jl7znsz1n
Cookies Checker ni akan di update dari semasa ke semasa. Thanks to Tahatata.

Premium Link Generator

Note #1: Nak banyak lagi korang tulis "premium link generator" di Google.
Note #2: Kalau korang ada website untuk premium yang bagus share la dengan XLAWS ya. ^_^

Pulihkan Kembali Registry Windows

Ada masalah seperti diatas??? Biasanya Task Manager Disabled boleh dijumpai di Cyber Cafe, dan office. Kiranya nak protect daripada software utama mereka diceroboh atau end process seperti software timer kat CC tu.

Ada juga CC yang disable services USB, maksudnya USB tidak akan berfungsi apabila korang cocok di komputer tersebut. Biasanya di CC sekarang mereka "protect" games mereka daripada kena copy dengan sedikit setting pada partition tertentu. Hajat nak copy games korang pun terbantut.

Jadi dengan bantuan Recover Registry ni, dengan hanya "double click" je dah dapat selesai kan semua masalah di atas tadi. Jangan risau XLAWS dah try registry ni, memang menjadi 100%!. Lepas ni senang-lenang la korang nak copy games atau hack PC tu.

Note: Ada sesetengah fix tak menjadi seperti bila kita buka partition C, nanti dia close secara auto.

Updated (10/12/2011)
Semalam 9/12/2011 XLAWS pergi ke CC. Nak hack timer CC tu. Lepas je guna registry fix ni, pergi ke Task Manager dan END PROCESS ecafeproclient.exe. POOF!! PC yang XLAWS guna tu tidak restart walaupun masa sudah habis!. Trick ni memang 100% menjadi. Main sampai lebam la macam ni.

Buat masa ni XLAWS hanya berjaya cuba di Windows XP sahaja. Tak pasti sama ada registry ni boleh digunakan di Windows Vista atau 7. Kalau boleh sila maklum balas di sini Okki? :)

Note: Gunakan dengan kebijaksanaan korang Okki?.


Photoshop CS5 Extended v12.1

Photoshop used to create photorealistic images to work with color scanned images, retouching, color correction, transformation of graphs, color separation, etc. Adobe Photoshop has all the methods of working with bitmaps, in this case is to work with layers and uses the contours. Program is the undisputed leader among the professional graphic editors due to its widest possibilities, high efficiency and speed. Adobe Photoshop provides all the necessary tools for correcting, editing, preparing images for printing and high quality output.

Note: Sebelum korang install lebih baik buat cara ni dulu untuk mengelak daripada pihak Adobe detect Serial Key korang tu palsu.




Serial Key: 1330-1947-5871-4193-5006-0555

Jom Download File Megaupload Ketika Happy Hour!

Pernah dengar Megaupload Happy Hour?. Sebenarnya Happy Hour ni membolehkan korang download apa-apa file daripada Megaupload secara PREMIUM! walaupun korang ni ada akaun Megaupload biasa je. Inilah kelebihan Megaupload sebenarnya. XLAWS taw perkara ni memang telah lama. Tetapi ianya seperti sudah dilupakan. Happy Hour ini ada masa-masa tertentu bagi setiap negara.

Update 10/12/2011
Masa MU Happy Hour di Malaysia ialah sekitar 9.00AM - 6.00PM pada setiap hari. Uihhh! Lama tu!. Apa lagi jangan lepas kan peluang keemasan ini!.

Untuk permulaan korang mestilah register akaun Megaupload dulu.

Selepas proses register lengkap. Korang download software Megakey yang disediakan oleh pihak Megaupload sendiri.

Selepas itu install software yang korang download tadi.

Nanti addon Megakey akan di install pada Firefox. Selepas itu buka software Megakey dan tekan button Megakey Benefits.

Tick semua checkbox dan isikan form dan tekan OK.

Note #1: Dengar cerita kena tunggu 24jam untuk jadi ahli Megakey selepas register. Tapi XLAWS register terus boleh pakai pulak. Nasib kot? Hahaha.

Apa yang korang kena buat selepas ini adalah tunggu MU Happy Hour! (^_^). Nak tahu macam mana Happy Hour on ke tak. Gambar bawah ni bukti dia. Di sebelah kiri My Account ada smiley itulah tandanya. It's Happy Hour! :)

Sebelum MU Happy Hour.

Ketika MU Happy Hour.

Happy Downloading!

Kecilkan Size Gambar

Korang tak pelik ke kenapa blog XLAWS ni ringan semacam je? Haha, sebab XLAWS kecilkan size  pelbagai gambar dari HD hingga la ke size yang kecil. Tetapi gambar still high quality. Perasan?

Apakah kesan penggunaan untuk size gambar yang kecil?
  • Loading page yang lebih cepat sekaligus dapat menarik minat para pengunjung untuk terokai sesuatu website/blog tersebut lebih dalam lagi.
  • Dapat menjimatkan MB bagi pengguna broadband. (Kesian mereka loading image je dah buat broadband nak limit).

Caranya dengan menggunakan Photoshop CS 5. (CS4 pun boleh juga). senang je nak guna.

Ni contoh wallpaper HD yang nak XLAWS kecilkan size dia. Tengok gambar dibawah, size asal ialah 1.54MB.

Selepas open wallpaper tadi, pergi ke File>Save for Web & Devices...

Langkah seterusnya, pada pendapat XLAWS, saiz image yang baik diantara sekitar bawah 110KB.
  • Pilih JPEG
  • Quality setkan kepada 46
  • Image size diperlukan jika size gambar masih besar.

Kalau total size masih besar. Korang boleh la guna image size untuk resize gambar tu jadi kecik lagi. Semakin kecik resolution, semakin kecik size gambar

Akhir sekali save di desktop korang. Siap!. Result size yang korang boleh dapat. Elok dari 1.53MB boleh dapat 80.79K. Kan jauh beza saiz tu. Nanti loading image tu pun kejap je.


Korang mesti selalu dengar HDD (Hard Disk Drives), tapi jarang dengar SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD adalah media penyimpanan data. Sama seperti HDD. Tetapi, SSD lagi laju daripada HDD kerana ianya menggunakan pemacu cakera keras elektromekanik berbanding dengan HDD yang menggunakan cakera magnet yang berputar untuk membaca data. Jadi HDD lebih perlahan  kerana perlu berputar sebelum dan selepas membaca serta menyimpan data. Sebaliknya SSD hanya terus menyimpan data ke dalam mikrocip, sama seperti Pendrive. (Tetapi lebih cepat dari pendrive!). SSD dapat membaca data dengan serta merta dan menyimpan serta mengalihkan data dengan berkelajuan tinggi. 

Ketahanan SSD adalah lebih tinggi daripada HDD. SSD kedap udara oleh itu ia tidak membenarkan habuk masuk ke dalam.  Sedangkan HDD  perlu ruang pengudaraan untuk bahagian-bahagian yang panas dapat disejukkan dan menyebabkan habuk terkumpul di dalam serta boleh mendatangkan masalah. SSD juga sangat tahan dengan kejutan fizikal yang kuat dan tidak menyebabkan kehilangan data yang banyak seperti HDD.

(HDD vs SSD)

XLAWS sertakan sekali jadual perbezaan antara HDD & SSD. (Kalau tak nampak open new tab je gambar bawah ni).

Perbezaan lain antara HDD & SSD.

  • Kapasiti yang lebih besar.
  • Semua golongan mampu membelinya kerana murah.
  • Berat.
  • Sensitive kepada gegaran, kerana boleh menyebabkan kerosakan. Dengan erti kata lain ialah, mudah rosak.
  • Kerap menghasilkan bunyi bising. 
  • Boot Windows dengan lambat...

    • Kapisiti paling besar buat masa ini ialah 2TB tetapi harganya terlalu mahal!.
    • Golongan tertentu sahaja yang mampu membelinya kerana mahal.
    • Ringan dan kecil.
    • Tidak sensitive kepada gegaran.
    • Tidak membuat bunyi bising. 
    • Boot Windows dengan pantas!.

        Tidak heran lah mengapa harga Macintosh, Macbook Air dan product Apple terlalu mahal, sebab mereka menggunakan SSD juga!

        Berikut merupakan video pendek bukti bertapa lajunya SSD berbanding dengan HDD. Layan!

        Bypass Website Yang Disekat Dengan Menggunakan Cocoon

        Walaupun dengan menggunakn DNS untuk bypass website yang disekat namun ada sesetengah website masih sukar/tidak boleh kita buka. Terutama seperti WiFi di Universiti, Kolej, Kampus, Office dan pelbagai lagi. Mungkin ini kerana pihak yang bertanggungjawab telah menyekat sesetengah website mungkin dengan menggunakan file host di Windows. Nak tahu di mana kedudukan file host tersebut pergi ke C:\>Windows>System32>drivers>etc. Jadi, untuk menyelesaikan kes ini kita perlulah menggunakan Mozilla Addon: Cocoon. Inilah jalan penyelesaian kepada masalah ini. InsyaAllah.

        Cara menggunakan Coooon ni senang je. Tak susah mana pun. Tapi, pertama sekali korang mestilah register untuk menggunakannya. Free je. Sila pergi link di bawah untuk register.

        Selepas siap semua proses register. Pergi ke link di bawah ni untuk install Addon: Cocoon pada Mozilla. Tekan pada button hijau tu.

        Selepas siap install. Restart Firefox dan akan keluar Cocoon Toolbar. Kalau toolbar tersebut tidak keluar, korang boleh tekan ruangan kosong di sebelah tab website dan tick Cocoon Toolbar. Seterusnya tekan button power on pada sebelah kiri logo Cocoon serta masukkan email dan password.

        Tunggu sehingga proses login siap. Jika toolbar berwarna biru maknanya korang berjaya dan sedia untuk bypass website yang kena sekat tu.

        Untuk menggunakan Firefox kembali normal. Cuma tekan button power off di sebelah logo Cocoon tadi. Harap tutorial kali ini dapat membantu korang semua.

        Update: Cocoon ada kelemahan dimana para pengguna IDM tak boleh download video dari Youtube ketika menggunakan Cocoon.

        Ringankan Theme Windows 7 (Bukan Untuk Kesan Visual Yang Terbaik)

        Tutorial kali ini untuk meningkatkan lagi prestasi Windows 7 korang dengan lebih cepat serta membuatkan theme kekal nampak cantik. Selalunya ramai orang suruh guna theme classic untuk prestasi lebih cepat. Ya, cepat memang cepat, tapi nampak buruk la kan. Tutorial ini memang sesuai untuk gamers dan pengguna yang sukakan theme yang ringan.

        Pergi ke System properties.

        Pergi ke Advanced system settings.

        Pada Advanced tab, pilih settings pada ruangan performance.

        Pilih Custom dan tick box ini:
        • Enable Aero Peek
        • Enable desktop composition
        • Enable transparent glass
        • Show thumbnails instead of icons
        • Use visual styles on windows and buttons

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